Bikeparkarena 2.0 is about details that make up the big picture. It is about ambitions based on possibilities. It is about the right arena for the right guest. It’s about doing things better!

Too many mountain biking projects, especially those with the commercial ambition have been unsuccessful. Badly planned and amateurish created. Often without any strategy or knowledge of maintenance and daily operation. Too many of these investments no longer exists and stands as “proof” that you should keep out of the mountainbike business. Not least within the lift feed downhill biking.

We don´t like this reputation! We know how to do things right. Therefore, we needed a new concept, with a new level of seriousness to make mountainbiking projects more successful.

Bikeparkarena 2.0 is the concept for public and commercial mountain biking created by Trail Solution.

Based on each destination’s possibility, focusing on sustainability both in terms of environmental, economic and security, we help customers establish their business and arena.

After 15 years in the development of mountain biking tourism, we know where the traps are and what issues require special attention to succeed. Central is to tie the purpose with local conditions and then create an arena based upon this.

All in all, from the initial planning process, to the creation of the arena and service, and finally planning of continued daily operations are processes we been through many times, and gladly help several more to make progress.

Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more.