Lift feed biking in Ramundberget

Trail Solution are building a lift feed bike trail down the mountain of Ramundberget/Sweden. The trail will be approximately 4000 meters long and suitable for maximum rage of riders, from young kids to seniors. Easy, nice and safe in outer terms. The plan is to open the trail  by season start, summer 2018.

Gotland Bike Park officially open

In mid-august the governor of Gotland did the ceremonial opening of Gotland Bike Park. Gotland Bike Park is in the north of Gotland, in and around the town of Slite.

Gotland Bike Park is made up of several different arenas for recreational mountainbiking. A big pumptrack, skills area, shorter machine made flowy tracks and a big network of XCountry trails. It is still a lot of work before everything is set, but it is already worth the trip!


Flow trail Gotland 2017

Gotland Bike Park is great project whit great ambitions to create several different arenas for fat tire biking. Trail Solution is involved, both as masterplanning and project leading. First step of the purpose built flow trail network is open.